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Just another WordPress weblog?

Maybe now, but stick around and let’s make something really special out of this website.

I’ve got a pretty detailed plan for Bizquarium, but rather than build it out and launch it. I’ve decided to build it up one step at a time and share everything with you.

So, we are starting from square one. Just another WordPress weblog…

Default install of WordPress

While there’s nothing like the sweet smell of fresh pixels on a squeaky clean WordPress install, it’s obvious that we have a lot of work to do to make this website something different from the many millions of other default installations that there are out there.

I’d like you to subscribe to my RSS feed or bookmark this site and join me as we take this WordPress installation, rip its guts out and put it all back together again.

When we’re through you won’t be sure whether this is a blog or this is a website. These days, that’s often how it should be.

One last thing – a website can’t attain its maximum potential unless it has been thoroughly optimized to meet its goals. The default installation you see here isn’t even close.

Um, did I miss something? Just what is the goal of this website?

For that, you’ll have to wait a few seconds for my next post…

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