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Floating Links: Fear, Niche Stores and Double Lattes

EXORCISE YOUR DEMONS: Brian Clark of Copyblogger illustrated 5 ways that Fear can paralyze you. The points he brings up resonate much further than writer’s block. Fear of failure is probably the single biggest thing that keeps people in the “learning mode” instead of the “doing mode”. Never before have entrepreneurs had so many powerful options at their fingertips. With that range of options comes anxiety. Stop worrying whether you know enough and work on improving your website today. Will you make mistakes? Maybe. But through honest mistakes come learning, and honest mistakes are usually forgiven. The biggest mistake is being dishonest with yourself and trying to trick yourself that you don’t know enough to get started doing whatever it is you truly need to do next to make a small step towards success.

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Beta Testing New Theme for Bizquarium

Default install of WordPress
Stanley Kubrick is my favorite director. I wish I could say I liked the WordPress theme he inspired a little better. There are a few customizations that you can make to it relatively easily that can improve it quite a bit, such as changing out the blue header for a Flickr image. In fact, it can work nice for a starter blog. Once you get beyond that, you need something a little more robust.

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Quick & Easy Morning Website Overviews with Firefox

Firefox logo
It’s a challenge to watch everything that you want to keep an eye on when it comes to your website. Talk about a time sink. There are so many interesting ways to lose time. Your feed reader, your web statistics, your AdSense numbers, affiliate revenues, headlines from your niche, social networking sites. Before you know it you are halfway through the day and you haven’t touched a lick of content.

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Keeping your affiliate links friendly and easy to manage

One of the most important methods of making money online is through affiliate relationships. With these, you typically get a cut when you recommend a product or service to someone and they end up taking the plunge and buying it.

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Website traffic: Don’t drive with your eyes closed

Running a successful website is much about making the right choices incrementally until you build up a powerful advantage. To make informed decisions you need the right information.

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Improve SEO by optimizing your permalinks

Permalinks are the permanent web addresses for your individual blog posts. One of the great features of WordPress is its extremely easy and flexible to make your permalinks into pretty much anything you want.

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Keep it clean: Install WordPress in a subdirectory

When installing WordPress to manage your brand new website, you’ve got two choices: either install it to the root directory or install it to a subdirectory.

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Why Bizquarium and where are the fish?

When I sit here at my desk working on my websites and look at my widescreen monitor it looks a bit like an aquarium. One little rectangle that contains so much life and such wonderful chaos.

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Welcome to Bizquarium!

I’m building Bizquarium as a place to share some of the many things I’ve learned over the years and continue to learn about building websites, marketing them and making money online.

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Just another WordPress weblog?

Maybe now, but stick around and let’s make something really special out of this website.

I’ve got a pretty detailed plan for Bizquarium, but rather than build it out and launch it. I’ve decided to build it up one step at a time and share everything with you.

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